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Economic Times

ChefSutra, founded by Rachita Arora in Bengaluru, has five top chefs from across the globe on its platform who suggest dishes, which if selected are converted to cook-it-yourself kits that the company sells. Chefs in turn get a percentage of profits on each meal kit sold as well as publicity on the platform. "Chefs don't get recognition or visibility at hotels," said Arora of ChefSutra. She is now opening the platform to homemakers to share recipes and sell them on the platform. Read more at: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/47464746.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst

Added: 03.06.2015

Samith Ramachandran (Food Blogger and Cooking Enthusiast)

I was fortunate enough to be part of a Grill and Barbeque Workshop organized by ChefSutra in partnership with Weber. During this workshop we were introduced to the CIY (Cook It Yourself) Barbeque & Grill Recipes from ChefSutra. The Pre-packaged CIY barbeque recipes from ChefSutra curated by the renowned chef's are neatly packed, lip-smacking & makes your life a lot easier. I sampled their Murgh Zaffrani Tikka, Murg Anari Tikka, Mixed Veg Grill, Lamb Chops, Paneer Tikka, Grilled Pineapple & Aloo Tikka and found them all to be well marinated and extremely delicious. In addition to the marinated CIY kits, ChefSutra also sells Weber accessories. Now that Barbeque party that you always wanted to host at home has become a lot easier :-)

Added: 05.04.2015


Chefsutra has recipe kits for various cuisines, barbecues, cakes and mocktails. Their Cheese Cake, BBQ Jamaican Chicken, Palak Paneer and Rum Rummer mocktails are some of the best sellers.

Added: 01.04.2015

Asma Shaikh

The joy of grilling the meat and veges with top class marinade by chefs @ Chefsutra. Loved the concept of Cook It Yourself (CIY) : wonderful aroma of smoke in the air, crackling and sizzling of meat/veges on a grill in matter of just few minutes!! With no hassle of procuring raw materials or time consuming preparation. Unplanned parties made easy by Chefsutra.com

Added: 31.03.2015

Debolina Ray (Food Blogger )

Chefsutra Cook It Yourself (CIY) range has various vegetarian and non vegetarian offerings from various regions. The really unique part is that you can actually send a recipe to Chefsutra, and they can create these CIY pre marinated kits for the recipe and get a share of profits! And of course, for people like me who are slightly less hands on with cooking, there are these Chef vetted kits available for home delivery twice a day! So be it pizza, lamb chops, murg tikka, or innovative recipes like anari murg or even classic tossed vegetables, you really are sorted.

Added: 31.03.2015

Rekha Shastry (Nutritionist and Food Blogger)

Preparation is very simple. Pour the dressing on the salad , toss it and serve it with crostini bread. Kids preferred to break the bread into pieces and tossed it. It was Visually appealing and Very tasty as it was loaded with fresh and crunchy vegetables and flavors just exploded in our mouth. Chefsutra had used the best ingredients for the preparation. Though the kit says it is for 2 people, we divided it into 5 portions and it was quite filling. We had it as a mid-morning snack. We can also use a smaller portion as an appetizer and a bigger portion will be a great for lunch or dinner.

Added: 31.03.2015

Ramesh Krishnaswami (Head Tools Group CGI India)

Veg Caesar Salad and Farm Fresh Pizza Cook it yourself Kit was very good. Delivery was prompt even in the remote part of the Bangalore, where I stay. Quantity was sufficient for 2 people.

Added: 10.03.2015

Vikram Sharma (Founder Property Mart)

Here is my personal recommendation for Chefsutra, I am simple obsessed with BBQ Paneer Tikka Kit and not just me all the guest at my BBQ party simple loved it. Its a must try.

Added: 10.03.2015

Subha Rangnath

Tried the Veg Burrito bowl and the package looks too cute.. Delivery too efficient and prompt... Loved the taste of burrito.. Brilliant

Added: 10.03.2015

Aman Teja

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad was awesome. Delivery was prompt, Salad was hygienically packed to keep the contents fresh. Overall a very good experience. Keep up team chefsutra.

Added: 10.03.2015