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  • We deliver marinated chicken strips(300 gms.), peanut sauce, oil for basting and the instruction card for you to follow Servings: 2 Ready to cook Cooking Time: 15-20 mins Can be cooked/Barbecued on charcoal/gas Grills, Microwave Ovens or OTG

  • We deliver 2 chicken breasts cut into cubes, chopped vegetables, spices, oil, other ingredients for the gravy, Jasmine rice(1 1/2 cup) and the instruction card for you to follow Servings: 2 Ready to cook Cooking Time: 15-20 mins You will need water and a pan from your kitchen to boil the rice and a sauce pan to cook Chicken in Red Thai Curry on a gas stove  

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items