Interested in associating with us as a Chef ???

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Why should you associate with us as a Chef ?

Chefsutra  provides "Cook It Yourself(CIY)" recipe ingredients kit at our customers doorsteps, our CIY kits is hygienically packed, easy to cook, easy on the pockets and above all delicious to eat.

We share our revenue with the Chefs as they are the real force behind creating innovative recipes. Just share your recipes and our team will upload your recipe on our online store along with your name and picture(optional). That’s it, once your recipe is uploaded, start counting the number of your recipe kits sold on our easy to use dashboard and we will credit your share into your account. No investment from your side, in fact our marketing team will run the campaigns to launch you on our website.

We even provide a dedicated category for our chefs depending upon the number of recipes shared by them.


Why will the Customer buy our CIY(Cook It Yourself) Kits?

In today’s scenario where people want to eat healthy, delicious, restaurant type food but don’t want to dine out every day or every week, thanks to continuous rise in prices and restaurant bills are getting expensive, they want to make this kind of food at the comfort of their home without worrying of getting right ingredients in right amount.


What are the benefits for our customer?

Our customers also save a lot with us as they get the exact amount of ingredients to cook each recipe, thus help in reducing wastage of ingredients. We all know how much stuff gets wasted in our refrigerator and then ends up in garbage bin.

Customers also saves fuel by not driving from  store to store to find the right ingredients and saves time on spending on endless traffic jams.

Our CIY kits have right quantity of the ingredients needed as defined by our chefs and the end result of cookin is simply delicous, imagine someone wants to bake the cake and he/she does not have the measuring equipment, the end result can be a disaster. With our CIY Kits they simple have to follow the instruction, provided in the kit, and forget about measuring and preparation.

Our customers get to enjoy the cooking leaving the hassles of procurment and pre-preparation on us.


What is our company’s objective/vision?

Our mantra is “The Pleasure of Cooking”. We want to make cooking simple for people who wants to make delicious recipes at the comfort of their home without hassling outside in search for right ingredients


Where is our  business located?

We are located in Bangalore, the hub of IT industry also known as the silicon valley of India.


Who is our target customer?

Everyone and anyone who loves to cook. We also want to inspire people to take up cooking at home. With the rise in markets and dining is getting expensive, we would like to bring world class recipes from our chef’s desk to people’s home.


What is your growth plan?

We are starting with Bangalore in Phase I and then plan to open and reach out to 4 other Metros in 1 year as Phase II.


How will you deliver the ingredients?

We have designed special packaging, completely reusable material by contributing to green movement. All our ingredients are sourced from genuine suppliers with special preference to handpicked locally sourced fresh ingredients to increase the flavor of all our recipes and at the same time by not making a big hole in your pocket and offered at attractive prices with at least 50% less than price you pay in a restaurant for the same dish.


Where do we source our raw materials?

Our suppliers are local and multi-nation companies in food business picked by our chefs, all ingredients are personally checked for their hygiene and that it provides the right flavor without compromising on its quality.


What options your customer’s get on our online store?

We have designed various options that a customer can choose from.

From dish of the day to dishes of the week to create your own menu for the week to party packages.


Who is our competition?

In India, we are the first of its kind who is providing all these services.