About us

What do we Provide ?

Want to cook a chef style dish? Worry about how to and from where to get the recipe ingredients? Care for hygiene, price and wastage ?

People want to cook and eat delicious and healthy food at home but often gives up on the idea after thinking “what to make” and “How to get”.

Well know you have don’t have to “think and eat”. You have finally come to the right place.

Chefsutra delivers “Cook It Yourself” recipe ingredients kits with exact ready to cook quantity needed for each ingredient and the process on how to make each dish. All our ingredients are handpicked with utmost concentration on quality and hygiene. We pack them in reusable bags and delivers them free of cost anywhere in Bangalore.

Our DNA comprises of:

  • Top quality Ingredients for Chef style dishes
  • No questions asked return policy
  • Hygienically Packed
  • Easy on your pockets
  • Each recipe kit serves 2 Adults



About the Founders of CHEFSUTRA


Dear Friends,

Welcome to Chef Sutra and thanks for giving us the chance to serve you with our delicious "Cook It Yourself" recipe kits. Right from my childhood, we had this passion for cooking and always wanted to try new recipes but couldn't. As either ingredients were hard to find or quantity they sold in the market was too much for one time cooking. we suddenly stumble upon the idea of why not providing ready to cook recipe kits, which makes cooking easy and fun for everyone and dishes should turn out excellent by providing right quantity of ingredients approved by the Chefs.

The CHEFSUTRA concept started taking shape back in 2010 and we started collecting recipes. The goal was and it is still, to provide "Cook It Yourself" recipe kit at your doorsteps, which is hygienically packed, easy to cook, easy on your pockets and above all delicious to eat.

We also decided to share our revenue with the our Chefs as they are the real force behind creating innovative recipes. It’s all about passion for cooking and therefore our Chefs are from Renowned Hotels to House Wives to IT professional. Yes you heard it right just share your recipes with us and our team will prepare the dish, taste it and upload your recipe to our website, if approved. That’s it, once your recipe is uploaded, start counting the number of your recipe kits sold on our easy to use dashboard and we will credit your share into your account. No investment from your side, for more information please Click here

Looking forward to hear from you, you can reach me at info@chefsutra.com


Best Regards,

Chef Sutra Team.