List of Cook it Yourself Recipes by Chef  Master Chef Shaeem Qureshi

Master Chef Shaeem Qureshi brings the legacy of Royal Awadhi and Mughlai cuisines from the well-known family of Khandani  Bawarchis of Lucknow “The Querishis”.  Chef Shaeem is the Master Chef at Radisson Blu and Millennium and Copthorne hotels.  His royal Awadhi and Mughlai cuisines are great hits and have won him many accolades from his fans across the globe. We proudly welcome Master Chef Shaeem Qureshi to Chefsutra, an ever-growing family of Master Chefs from across the globe.

You can now order royal recipes including secret spices of Chef Shaeem Qureshi at and we will do our best to deliver ingredient and his secret spices of his recipe to your door so that you can enjoy the same great taste of royal Awadhi cuisines from the well-known family of Khandani  Bawarchis of Lucknow  “The Qureshis”

Awadhi cuisine is from the city of Lucknow, in Northern India, and the cooking patterns of the city are similar to those of Central Asia, the Middle East, and Northern India as well. The cuisine consists of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Awadh has been greatly influenced by Mughal cooking techniques, and the cuisine of Lucknow bears similarities to those of Persia, Kashmir, Punjab and Hyderabad; and the city is known for Nawabi foods.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 14 items